Dubrovnik expands and renovates

Dubrovnik Airport, located in Southern Croatia on the Adriatic Coast is currently going through a period of reconstruction and change. Not only has is a new terminal, the largest in Croatia (until the construction of Zagreb’s new terminal begins) , with an area of 36.500m² and 4 jet ways under construction, the original terminal also getting a face lift. Recently a new VIP lounge was opened as well as a tourist attraction – the Đurović Cave located underneath the airport.

The grand opening ceremony of the Đurović Cave was held on Thursday August 7, 2008. Research and works on the decoration of the cave lasted for 7 years and a total of 2.2 million Kuna (Croatian currency - HRK) was invested. This unique tourist about 156 metres long and the lowest level of the cave is 25 metres underneath the very runway. The cave was visited and used by local inhabitants, who used it to collect water and find shelter in war battles until 1962, when the entrance was closed due to construction of the airport. Meanwhile as a part of the “Reconstruction for 2 million passengers” project, Dubrovnik Airport renovated its VIP lounge, offered to state officials, delegations and all other passengers requesting VIP treatment. Dubrovnik Airport established cooperation with prominent hotel group “Adriatic luxury hotels”, which designed, furnished and equipped the lounge. The VIP lounge is located in Terminal A and has 2 exits/entrances to the apron and the front of the terminal building.

Dubrovnik is serviced by 16 scheduled airlines and a large amount of charter airlines operating on a seasonal basis. From the EX-YU airlines only the local Croatia Airlines and Dubrovnik Airlines operate flights to Dubrovnik. In 2007 Dubrovnik Airport served 1.143.168 passengers.