Belgrade Airport beats all

During July this year all of the weekly records of traffic operations in the last 18 years at Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport have been broken, since the disintegration of Yugoslvia. For example, the highest weekly passenger volume is now 79.391 and the highest number of aircraft movements (total number of takeoffs and landings) is 1.213. This makes Belgrade’s airport unbeatable this year with no chance that other EX-YU airports can catch up by the end of 2008 (if no extrodinary events occur). According to present trends the airport management expects with certainty that the new weekly passenger record will be broken this week already.

Regardless of the present world crisis in air transportion, caused by high fuel rates, foreign airlines operating from Belgrade’s airport have foreseen for the coming winter season 2008/2009 (beginning this October and ending March 2009) an increase in the number of flights by 10% compared to the same period last year, while the national carrier of Serbia, Jat Airways, is still expected to announce its winter flight schedule. The only airport in the region currently ahead of Belgrade is Sofia’s airport.

The current standing of three most visited airports in EX-YU are:
1. Belgrade Nikola Tesla
2. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport
3. Zagreb Airport Pleso