Emergency on flight OU8221

In the week which will be remembered by countless emergencies in commercial aviation, Croatia Airlines has joined the long list to experience an incident. High scholl graduates who were expected to return home to Zagreb from Barcelona, half an hour after midnight on Thursday their flight OU8221 experienced wheel corrosion after a bird flew into the engine as the aircraft was about to depart. A few birds flew into the engine and the aircraft was forced to come to a halt at full speed. Upon checks the engine was given the green light however one of the wheels was damaged due to the sudden termination of departure.

As the checks on the Airbus A319 took place until 6.30AM the pilots’ and cabin crews working hours ran out. In accordance to Croatian law, which regulates air traffic, the cabin crew, together with the students waited until midnight until they could depart. All of the 106 students spent the extra night in the hotel.

This week there were many incidents which involved Air France (overshot runway), RyanAir (loss of cabin air pressure), Sudan Airways (hijacking) and Itek Air (crash).