Jat Airways: We will improve 3 star ranking

Serbian media have responded to the website airlinequality.com which ranks airlines from 1 to 5 stars depending on levels of service and other factors influencing the airlines operations. Although the rankings have been available for more than 4 years, as a Serbian tabloid discovered the website, which is well known amongst aviation fans (website), other more distinguished newspapers picked up the story.
Jat commented on the rankings saying it has motivated them to improve services. The Serbian national airline joins airlines such as SAS, Canadian Airlines, and Iberia and also EX-YU airlines Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways in the 3 star ranking. Jat Airways released a statement saying that “the airline feels proud of its ranking having in mind the extreme difficulties it had faced in the past 17 years. Because of the rankings we will particularly focus on improving customer service”. Jat’s rankings in detail can be seen here.

MAT Macedonian Airlines has received a 2 star rankings while B&H Airlines and Montenegro Airlines have not received rankings as yet. According to the website rankings are reviewed annually. For a full rankings review click here.