Maribor – Baghdad service soon

The CEO of Maribor Airport in Slovenia, Majtaž Sonc, has confirmed that there is a high possibility for flights from London to Baghdad to start operations via Maribor. Aurora Airlines, a charter airline based in Ljubljana, is interested in commencing the line and is in talks with the government of Great Britain in order to gain necessary licenses. “In order for the flights to start we must get all necessary government approval with from the British” says Sonc who added that talks should be complete by fall.

It is still unclear when the flights could commence. At first, the flights would be of a closed nature meaning it would only land in Maribor for refuelling with no passengers allowed to enter or leave in Maribor (instead only embarking on their journey from London or Baghdad) however in the second phase the flights should become completely open allowing passengers from Maribor to fly to London as well as troubled Baghdad in Iraq. If such flights occur it would mark the first flights between an EX-YU republic and Iraq since JAT Yugoslav Airlines ceased flights to the Iraqi capital in 1990 due to the first Gulf War. The airline used to connect Belgrade in Serbia to the city.