MAT prepares to accept new aircraft

MAT Macedonian Airlines is preparing to welcome to its 2 member fleet a Boeing 737-500, the second such type in the airlines fleet. It follows only weeks after the delivery of the first B737-500 under the registration Z3-AAH (pictured above). The aircraft were produced in 1991 and were both first operated by the then national airline of Belgium, Sabena until its bankruptcy in 2001. The aircraft were then operated by South African airline Nationwide. The newest addition to the fleet has a 126 seat capacity divided in two cabin classes (business and economy) and 4 tons capacity for baggage and cargo. With this model and its seat capacity the aircraft will mainly operate on MAT’s traditional destinations such as Zurich, Rome and Dusseldorf. With the two new additions of Boeing aircraft, MAT is responding to the passenger and destination demand, planning to extend its operations to new ones in Germany and Northern Italy.

The livery is slightly modified to the old Boeing 737-300 fleet the airline use to operate until late last year. Like the Bombardier (the third member of the fleet) the engines have received a red colour and the MAT letters have been darkened.