More passengers and more expenses for Slovenia’s Adria

Slovenia’s national airline Adria Airways has in the first 7 months of this year transported 23% more passengers compared to the same period last year while the number of flights was increased by 18%. The airline management believes that because of the increase in the global fuel prices the airline will have difficulties reaching its set goals for this year.

In the first seven months Adria had 17% more scheduled flights compared to last and a 28% increase in charter flights. This means that Adria Airways had transported 651.986 passengers by the end of July. In July the total number of passengers transported was increased by 13%. As is the case with most airlines this year the price of fuel has had a big impact on Adria Airways. The airline has spent 6 million Euros more than last year in the first 7 months meaning expenditure has increased by 65%.

Currently based on passenger numbers the top 3 EX-YU airlines are:
1. Croatia Airlines
2. Jat Airways
3. Adria Airways
Compared to the results for the first 6 months Jat Airways has caught up to Adria during July and taken over the number 2 spot while Croatia Airlines looks unbeatable for the rest of the year.