Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport privatisation
Advisor by the end of the year

The tender for finding the privatisation advisor for Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport could be opened by the end of the year announced CEO Bojan Krišto. “The sdvisor will prepare the privatisation of the airport within next year, which will be done through the public sale of shares, implying that the company will until the go through reorganisation and will create a well devised plan of development” he explained. Krišto estimated that airport shares, soon to be enlisted on the stock exchange, “would be a true hit” and will contribute to better operation activities of the company and the privatisation of Serbia’s national airline Jat Airways. He added that the decision on the amount of shares to be sold through privatisation will be reached by the Serbian Government, while some proposals will be made by the privatisation advisor. “I believe that no more than 50% of the airport will be sold, with the most realistic expectations being between 30% and 32%”. He stated that it is difficult to determine the value of Nikola Tesla Airport as the company is not listed on the stock exchange. “After enlistment, the value of the company is assessed on the market”, said Krišto.