Cargo centre delayed again

The tender to find a strategic partner for the construction of the largest cargo terminal in the Balkans to be located at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport has been delayed again, 2 years after an agreement with American DynCorp failed. The CEO of Belgrade’s Airport did not determine a new date for the tender. The CEO states that the airport is currently analysing the American and global economic crisis and the effect this can have on air cargo transport. Belgrade Airport is looking for a company which would build a cargo and logistics centre at the airport which would significantly increase cargo operations and make Belgrade Nikola Tesla the largest cargo destination in the region.

After an agreement with DynCorp, signed in 2006, which was employed to build the new terminal failed, the CEO of Belgrade’s Airport is hoping that whenever a new company is found it will already be a cargo centre operator. Meanwhile the CEO announced that the construction of a third terminal would commence in 2010.