Jat Airways and Republika Srpska
to launch Sky Srpska in 2009

The Government of Republika Srpska (RS), a Serbian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina with its main base in Banja Luka is undertaking efforts lately to expand passenger volumes at Banja Luka Airport and launch new services with Jat Airways, the national airline of Serbia, being the main sponsor of its projects and initiatives. The RS transport minister Nedeljko Čubrilović held talks with the general director of Serbia’s national airline, Saša Vlaisavljević today, about the purchase of two aircraft for the recently formed carrier Sky Srpska which would be based in Banja Luka.

The Government of RS recently invited offers for this procurement deal. Čubrilović reminded that RS has had very good collaboration with Jat Airways so far, and the two will discuss the potential for its expansion. There are plans for Jat Airways to lease the two aircraft from Sky Srpska and operate both on their (Jat’s) behalf as well as the behalf of Sky Srpska. Jat Airways is further hoping to completely take over the aviation market in Republika Srpska by commencing new flights from Banja Luka to Pula, Croatia as well as to Tivat, Montenegro from March 2009 if all necessary licenses are gained. Currently Jat Airways operates daily flights from Belgrade to Banja Luka with its ultimate goal being to operate two daily flights. At present the load factors are average with 32 passengers on each flight with the aircraft having a capacity of 72 seats. All seats that are not sold are subsidized to Jat by the government of Republika Srpska. It is expected Sky Srpska will launch in 2009. On Wednesday, September 10, Čubrilović is scheduled to meet with representatives of Montenegrin airports.