Montenegro Airlines and Sky Srpska
hold talks on future cooperation

The new found airline of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entity Republika Srpska, Sky Srpska, is expected to launch flight next year with the help of the government and Serbia’s Jat Airways. Montenegro Airlines will now join the two. Following a meeting between ministers from Republika Sprska and Montenegro Airlines’ CEO the two agreed that flights between Banja Luka and Tivat should be established which would operate at least 4 months per year, since there was satisfactory aircraft occupancy between the two cities when flights were operated on a continual basis in 1999 and 2000. The management of Sky Srpska also spoke with Jat Airways a few days ago regarding potential flights to Tivat, if all necessary licenses could be received. Currently Sky Srpska, with its base in Banja Luka, plans to open services to Belgrade, Pula and Tivat – all of which would be in code share opeartion (once operated by Sky Srpska the other time by a partner airline). It is expected that Sky Srpska would bring back life to Banja Luka Airport. For a few years Republika Srpska had its own airline under the name of Air Srpska, operated by Jat Airways. However when Jat decided to return the two aircraft given to Srpska back to its own base in Belgrade, operations ceased.