Turks new owners of airports in Macedonia with ambitious plans

The Turkish company TAB is the new owner of Skopje and Ohrid airports (as well as all other airports in Macedonia) and will operate the two bases until 2028. The Macedonian government determined that TAB made the best offer and expect the company to bring the two airports to world standards within the next 20 years as well as increase the capacity of the airports and improve infrastructure.

The Turkish company will also build a new cargo centre at Štip Airport located in Eastern Macedonia. It is planed for Štip to become an alternative airport for public use with the chance for it to become the main airport in Macedonia. At Štip Airport a new runway, 2 hangers for cargo and hangers for aircraft will be built. At Macedonia’s main airport, Alexander the Great, in Skopje, TAB plans to build a new airport terminal, parking spaces, extend the existing runway so the airport could have the capacity to serve aircraft of all types, install a new navigation ground system, build a new cargo terminal and build a new fire prevention centre. Meanwhile at Ohrid Airport TAB plans to reconstruct the parking, renovate the cargo terminal and administrations building and will install new systems so the airport can be brought up to world standards.