Adria introduces new uniforms

The Slovenian flag carrier Adria Airways celebrated the 20th anniversary of its in-flight magazine and presented its new uniforms on the occasion. The new uniforms, which the staff will start using in November, are designed in the spirit of the 1960s and 1970s, when air travelling glamour was at its peak. Hats and gloves give the new uniforms a touch of retro look. The predominant colour of the new uniforms, blue, is complemented with white and grey. Badges and name tags are made of silver metal. The pilot uniforms will meanwhile remain dark blue with golden marks. The uniforms were designed by Jelena Proković with the help of Barbara Znidar and Saso Radović and made by apparel maker Labod. The Adria In-Flight Magazine celebrated 20 years since it was first published. Its first issue was in English and German, since Adria Airways mostly carried out charter flights at the time. Now the most popular version is the Slovenian-English. The magazine comes out six times a year and besides informing the passengers about the company, flights and safety measures, it now also showcases tourist destinations in Slovenia and abroad.