Another mechanical problem
on Croatia Airlines flight

Due to technical problems another emergency has occurred on a Croatia Airlines flight, this time to Munich from Zagreb’s Pleso Airport. The morning flight, which departed at 6.30AM, was force to return to the Croatian capital 30 minutes after takeoff. The aircraft in question is the regional ATR42 which will soon be fazed out of the fleet. At first, the passengers noticed water leaking from the overhead baggage compartments after which reading lights turned off. The pilot informed the passengers that the defrosting valve was not working properly and the aircraft landed safely in Zagreb.

Although not a major incident, it is the third of its kind within the last month. First there was an emergency on a charter flight from Barcelona followed by an emergency on the brand new Dash 400 after flames were seen coming from the engine. On top of this bad publicity Croatia Airlines recently received a category 2 rating from the FAA banning it from flying to the United States more importantly effecting its code share agreement with United Airlines. The Croatia Airlines ATR42’s are 15.6 years old.