Big plans for Montenegro’s airports

Airports of Montenegro have announced that they have served their millionth passenger this year 2 months earlier compared to 2007. Last year the millionth passenger passed through the doors of Podgorica and Tivat Airport on December 12. Airports of Montenegro, the company that regulates the two international airports in the country, is expecting that this year they will serve 1.1 million passenger. It is expected that, this year, 10.000 aircrafts will be served, an increase of 12% compared to last year. Officials from the company have concluded that the constant increase in passengers is as a result of the continuous improvements at the airport terminals. In its statement the company also mentions that in 2008 various investments have taken place including the instalment of the new information system for electronic check-in and improved baggage handling and boarding procedures. Currently the reconstruction at Podgorica’s old terminal 1 is under way as well as the expansion of the apron at Tivat. The total of these two investment stands at 6 million Euros.

Furthermore the master plan strategy is currently in development. The plan will outline the expansion and management of both airports until 2023. The master plan will also outline the pace at which the two airports will be expanded.