Jat Airways development strategy
12 new aircraft

As reported yesterday the Government of Serbia has announced that the development strategy of Serbia’s national airline, Jat Airways, should be drafted and complete by October 23, 2008. It is expected that the strategy will include the following plan of action. All money that Jat owes to the Serbian Petroleum Industry and air traffic control will be written off, the government will request decreased service and handling costs from Jat’s base Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport until 2011. The government will provide 400 million Dinars (4.977.000 Euros) so that the airline can provide a cash incentive for 400 workers that would be willing to leave the airline voluntary (bringing the number of employed in the airline down to 1.400). The strategy will also suggest for Jat to sell its office space in Milano and Amsterdam and instead open offices at the city’s airport. Jat’s timetable for the 2009 summer season (beginning late March 2009) should be completely changed with unprofitable lines cut while capacity will be increased to popular destinations – Podgorica, London, Dubai, Zurich and Frankfurt.

The government will, through a financial lease, rejuvenate Jat’s fleet with 4 aircraft with a seat capacity of 70 to 90 seats, 3 Boeing B737-700 aircraft (pictured above) and the current ATR fleet will be replaced with 5 new versions of the plane - the ATR72-500 jets. The government will then, in 2011, suggest for the airline to be privatised.


  1. Anonymous21:50

    3 737-700....to je sjajno. da li to znaci da jat ce da leti u Dubaiu direktno nego preko larnarke?


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