Bomb threat causes long delay

Earlier yesterday Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport received a phone call stating that there was a bomb on Jat Airways’ flight which had just departed from Dubai to Belgrade via Larnaca and that it will explode at 8.000 metres above the ground. The Serbian police and the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate were immediately informed. Jat’s aircraft was, at the time, starting its decent in to Larnaca, Cyprus when it received information that there could be a bomb on their flight. Once the aircraft landed in Larnaca the plane was met with police and fire services and all 67 passengers and 6 crew members immediately evacuated the Boeing B737-300 (YU-AND). None of the passengers on flight JU089 knew of the bomb threat until the captain informed them just before the plane came to a halt on the runway. Passengers later commented that it was better that the pilot had not told them as it would have cause widespread panic however all passengers seemed relaxed and even joked about the incident.

At Laranaca the plane was thoroughly checked and all baggage was screened with no explosive devices found. The 67 passenger, plus another 50 that were to board in Larnaca spent 4 hours waiting for their flight to Belgrade to resume. Jat Airways states it handled the situation professionally and that it would never compromise the safety of its passenger even though this was a false bomb threat.

The Dubai to Belgrade service is one of Jat’s most profitable. The flight is usually to full capacity carrying holiday makers, business people and a large portion of the Serbian diaspora travelling from Australia whose quickest way to Serbia is through Dubai. The plane landed safely just after 18.00 local time. The Serbian police are now investigating the call. According to Serbian law an individual who is found guilty of making a false bomb threat could face long jail time.


  1. Anonymous23:21

    jao boze, i flew the same flight, in april 2008, on the same aircraft B733 (YU-AND)..... I also did a Dubai-Beirut-Belgrade flight with (YU-ANI) which several months later had an engine fire deprting London for Belgrade. :(


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