Jat among the world’s safest ... again

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has awarded the Serbian national carrier, Jat Airways, the IOSA (International Operational Safety Audit) certificate. The Serbian national carrier has thus for the third consecutive time officially received the top international grade certifying that it has attained security and quality as well as technical maintenance. The auditing was carried out last week, as Jat successfully passed the IOSA review by meeting every one of the 934 IATA-prescribed standards, nearly 140 standards more than in the previous audit. Jat Airways was IOSA registered for the first time in February 2005, as one of the 30 original IATA members. IATA rallies some 260 air companies. At the time of this first IOSA registration, Jat had passed the review without any negative points – a rarity in the aviation world. The certificate was renewed in 2006 and valid through February 25, 2008. Last week, the IATA-accredited London-based Wake Qa Ltd. auditing house performed a new audit of Jat Airways and issued IOSA registration validity to the Serbian air company until February 25, 2010.

Meanwhile, Jat has an uphill battle with finances although big changes may be ahead. More news about this will be published on the blog soon.