Montenegro Airlines angry
with landing fees

Montenegro Airlines currently pays the lowest fees at their most important and profitable market – Belgrade. These fees have stayed the same since the breakup of the state union of Serbia and Montenegro however Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport recently announced they will be increasing fees for Montenegro Airlines and will bring it in line with other international carriers. This caused an outcry from Montenegro Airlines and the Montenegrin government with both stating that the decision is politically motivated. Montenegro Airlines CEO, Zoran Đurišić, threatened that the carrier would cease flights to Belgrade although he ruled this out in a statement released yesterday. The Montenegrin government is also less than happy threatening they would increase landing fees for Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways at airports in Tivat and Podgorica. Interestingly Jat pays full fees at both Montenegrin airports as do other international carriers.

Jat Airways also released a statement saying that the issue must be resolved and that the airline will support its partner Montenegro Airlines. The relationship between Jat and Belgrade Airport is less than sound since Jat Airways pays the highest landing fees in Europe to land at their own hub. Today officials from Montenegro Airlines and Belgrade Airport will meet to discuss the dispute. Montenegro Airlines will not be increasing ticket prices to Belgrade for now.