New drama at Jat Tehnika

Weeks after the failed privatisation of the region’s largest maintenance company, Jat Tehnika from Serbia, fingers are being pointed towards those who are to blame and accusations are increasing. The air mechanics union is unhappy with the management of Jat Tehnika blaming it for late wages, the failed privatisation and agreements that have costed the company millions.

Earlier this year it was almost certain that Jat Tehnika, which became independent from Jat Airways after strikes in 2005 which costed the airline millions, would become privatised with four companies interested in the purchase. However selling public companies during the world’s largest economic crisis since the depression turned out to be bad idea. Ironically workers at Jat Tehnika have said its former enemy Jat Airways is the most cooperative by paying for all services and therefore will not be affected by the current mutiny inside the maintenance company. Workers are requesting for the current CEO and his advisors to voluntarily resign as they are being blamed for falsifying documentation to the Serbian Privatisation Agency. Another more surprising element is that the company is currently operating with a loss despite having a profit last year (USD 35.5 million) and statements from the Jat Tehnika CEO that the company will also have a profit this year. On the official website of the air mechanics union a statement has been published saying: “Dear colleagues, we have had tougher situations than the one we have currently been pushed in by unreliable people in our company. Some actions have led to disbelief and some to laughter however it has also led to fear for those that live thanks to Jat Tehnika”.

Jat Tehnika currently performs maintenance services at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport for Jat Airways and another 7 airlines, most of which are from Europe.