New flights to Pula

Croatia Airlines has announced that it will introduce flights to London and Paris from Pula, on the Croatian coast, in the second half of April 2009. Although the agreement with Pula Airport has not yet been signed it is almost certain that the deal will be successfully sealed. Croatia Airlines currently has some problems with financially supporting the London route although it is expected that this will overcome. Croatia Airlines’ main fear is that tourists will stay away from Croatia due to the global financial crisis while another cause of concern is the sliding value of the British Pound. If successful the lines will be operated during the winter 2009/2010 season as well which should help the sliding passenger numbers passing through Pula Airport. Flights to London will be operated to Gatwick Airport twice weekly although flights to both London and Paris will increase to 5 weekly flights during the peak tourist season. Croatia Airlines hopes that by linking Pula with Paris and London it will open passengers the opportunity to continue their journeys further on other partner Star Alliance member airlines. Meanwhile the low cost Germanwings will introduce flights from Berlin to Pula and Jat Airways will restart flights from Belgrade (currently meetings are being held between the Croatian and Serbian Aviation Directorate to completely liberate the airways between the two countries).