Uproar against Belgrade Airport CEO

The work of Serbia’s parliament on Tuesday was blocked as members began discussion about Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport CEO and his hefty monthly pay as well as large bonuses he secured for himself. Earlier on Tuesday, parliament members called for the dismissal of Nikola Tesla Airport CEO Bojan Krišto (pictured above) and said that they would block the work of the parliament until action is taken. Opposition party members enumerated a string of financial abuses, highlighting the six-figure salaries of the company’s directors and called on the government to hold a session to debate Krišto’s dismissal. They called for financial inspectors to be sent to the airport as well and urged the Interior Ministry to send the Anti-Organized Crime Administration to prevent “documents from being hidden”. Krišto, who became the airport’s CEO a few months ago, is one of the youngest CEO’s in a government owned company. In a country where the average wage stands at just over 530 Euros per month, Krišto’s pay was more than unacceptable for a government owned company whose wages are paid on behalf of the government and tax payers. After such a large uproar the Serbian president also demanded Krišto’s resignation. Late on Tuesday evening, Bojan Krišto handed in his resignation and returned his last wages. The issue became political as the CEO’s of the 28 government owned companies in Serbia are named by the government in power and they are usually a member of one of the parties in power. The party in question, G17+, as well as its coalition parties in power distanced themselves from Krišto and supported his resignation.