Hackers strike again

Kosovo Albanian hackers which have been attacking websites from various countries in the region over the past few months have claimed its latest victim – Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Earlier this year the website of Montenegro Airlines was paralysed for weeks, its content replaced with Albanian flags and slogans such as “Free Kosovo”, alluding to the disputed region still formally a part of Serbia. Belgrade Airport has reported that yesterday, in the morning hours, the Kosova Hackers Group (KHG) attacked the website with timetables and airport information replaced with various texts about the “Republic of Kosovo” and Albanian unity. Belgrade Airport was unable to stabilise the entire situation as many parts of its website were left blank yesterday. Today the website is once again working as per usual. The group also attacked the popular portal “Serbian Cafe” and various ministry websites.

Earlier in the year Montenegro Airlines was attacked and its webpage unusable for weeks. Although the airline announced an entirely new look web page it is yet to publish it although it is expected to be online early next year.