Jat breaks record

From January 1 until December 9, 2008, the Serbian national carrier, Jat Airways, transported 1.307.847 passengers attaining this result 22 days earlier than in 2007, when 1.306.301 passengers were carried. Thus, Jat recorded a 5% rise in the number of passengers for this period. Jat Airways aircraft in the January to November period of 2008 logged 35.796 block hours, 1% up on the planned levels and 1% higher than last year's levels. The entire fleet's average daily number of flight hours for the eleven months in 2008 stood at 9:22 block hours (1% over the planned levels), that is 2% higher than the same period last year. The company's priority in the coming period is to enhance regional traffic. In this way, Jat hopes to realise one of its strategic goals – restoring its position as the leading regional carrier. However this title will go to Croatia Airlines in 2008 which will have the most transported passengers. Meanwhile Jat is recording its best passenger results since 1991. Slovenia’s Adria Airways will finish the year in third position, despite an excellent start to the year, when compared to other national carriers from the EX-YU region.