A new aircraft joins the Adria Airways fleet

Adria Airways CRJ900
Adria Airways' third Canadair Regional Jet CRJ900 joined the airline’s fleet a week ago. These 86 seat aircraft fill the gap between the seven smaller 48 seat aircraft and the large Airbus aircraft. The most economical aircraft in the regional class, the CRJ900 offers passengers more comfortable seats, a better view through the windows and more space for baggage. The new aircraft, registration S5-AAN, entered Slovenia's airspace in the early hours of the morning on December 18. “The CRJ900 also meets our high environmental protection standards”, 'explained Adria chairman Tadej Tufek. “Emissions and noise are well below permitted international limits, and fuel consumption is significantly lower: under optimal conditions, just 3.5 litres per 100km per passenger. For the sake of comparison I should point out that the only other aircraft to achieve such exceptionally low fuel consumption figures are wide-bodied aircraft on transoceanic flights, in other words over significantly greater distances”.

The capacity of the new aircraft is 80% greater than that of the CRJ200, but it is operated by the same four-member crew. The increase in operating costs is just 30%, and the aircraft will be maintained by the Adria servicing centre. The new aircraft is 36.4 metres long, with a wing span of 24.9 metres and a maximum take-off weight of 38 tonnes. It can take off and land in visibility as low as 200 metres, its top speed is 882 km/h and it has a range of 3660 km. “The purchase of the CRJ900 has undoubtedly been cost effective”, added Mr Tufek. “With them we will significantly improve our passenger load factor and reduce operating costs, while their modern technology will represent an important boost to our competitive ability in the future”.

In November 2008 Adria had the second lowest cabin occupancy factor in Europe, making the new addition extremely important in order to increase the occupancy index. The Adria Airways fleet now consists of 14 aircraft, with one more CRJ900 due to be delivered early next year.


  1. Anonymous11:52

    Da li ima najava ili planova da Adrija uspostavi redovnu liniju sa Beogradom? Znam da ranije nisu mogli da dobiju dozvolu jer su leteli za Pristinu?

  2. Tek kada se potpiše međudržavni sporazum. Trenutni ugovor samo daje pravo da Jat leti za jedan grad u Sloveniji i Adria za jedan u Srbiji. Pošto Srbija smatra da je Priština unutar njihove države moraće da se pričeka novi sporazum ili ratifikovanje otvorenog neba sa srpske strane.

  3. Anonymous07:37

    Hvala na brzom odgovoru.
    Srecha Nova godina.


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