New interest in Jat speculated

Serbia’s national newspapers “Politika” have published an article stating that it has received unofficial reports from two “well informed sources” that 2 airlines are interested in becoming a strategic partner of Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways. The two airlines are Turkish Airlines (which recently became the new owner of Bosnia’s B&H Airlines) and Air India (which had previous interest in the Serbian carrier). The two airlines are currently studying Jat and its potential. The interest on behalf of both airlines can also be explained due to the fact that when Serbia ratifies the Open Skies agreement with the European Union Jat will have cheaper landing fees across Europe and as a result either Air India or Turkish Airlines could enter the European market through code share flights with Jat Airways. For this to occur one of the two airlines must become a minority shareholder (it would be able to buy up to 49% of Jat). Jat’s CEO Saša Vlaisavljević said that the airline is looking to stabilise its financial situation in the next 6 months and that only then can negotiations about a possible purchase begin with other airlines. Jat is looking to stabilise itself through extreme cost cutting measures, currently in place and the exit of 800 workers. Meanwhile negotiations between Jat and government officials have begun in order to find a way to help the airline.

Earlier this year Jat was to be privatised but it failed to do so after no interest was shown despite Aeroflot’s initial enthusiastic interest.


  1. Anonymous23:01

    Znaci li da jat nece kupit avioni do tada ili sta? Ja sam mislio ranije da su hteli da kupe novi avioni pre kraja zimski red letenje.

  2. Anonymous19:09

    Sve zavisi od srpske vlade i da li će odobriti kredit.


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