Official airline 22 years later

Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways has been named the official carrier of the 2009 Summer Universiade Games which will take place in Belgrade from July 1 to 12. This way Jat will become the official carrier of a major sporting event after many decades. Jat has already been the official carrier of the Universiade Games. To be more exact it was 21 years ago (1977) when the event was held in Zagreb and Jat was a powerful European airline. Universiade is the second biggest sporting event after the Olympic Games. It comprises of younger athletes which will become future Olympic competitors. It comprises of more than 15 sports and will be held in 5 cities across Serbia, with the opening taking place at Jat’s hub – Belgrade.

As a result of the upcoming event Jat will start a promotional campaign. The airline will place a special sticker on its aircraft displaying it as the official carrier. Furthermore its 2009 calendar photos display a mix of sports and its fleet interacting with each other. However Jat has a much more important problem to worry about, mostly about its survival until July. Many suspect that a major change in management and a major change in attitude on behalf of the government will have to take place. Nevertheless Jat is hoping that Universiade will reel in many passengers.