Tivat Airport – Russian property?

Russia's Mirax Group is interested in entering a partnership or takeover deal for Montenegro's Adriatic airport of Tivat (pictured above), the country’s second largest airport. Mirax Group is already engaged in a 200 million Euro development project in Montenegro. It is ready to enter any kind of cooperation agreement with Montenegro regarding the airport, including a takeover or a modernisation deal, Besides the airport in Tivat, which is the gateway for the thousands of tourists visiting the picturesque Adriatic coast, Montenegro has another, bigger airport in the capital Podgorica. Both airports are operated by the state-owned “Airports of Montenegro” company. A company official said the government has not launched any privatisation procedures for the airports. Earlier this year the Montenegrin Transport Minister Andrija Lompar said that the government planned to attract private investors to the airports in 2009. In October, Mirax Group and the municipality of the Adriatic resort of Budva set up a joint venture to develop a 200 million Euro tourism complex on the Adriatic coast. Last year Mirax said it would build a 25 million Euro luxury hotel near two of Montenegro's most famous Adriatic resorts - Budva and Bečići. Mirax is 90% owned by Russian billionaire Sergei Polonsky.