Workers threatening with strike action

Waiting for government - Jat Airways
Frustration is growing at Jat Airways due to the fact that the Serbian government has still not decided whether it will help the struggling carrier after its privatisation process failed earlier in the year. Workers at Jat who found their paycheques slashed by 10% this month are threatening that they will begin protests during the New Year and Christmas holiday period which could derail air transportation in the country. Jat will increase frequencies to popular destinations during the holiday period if strike action does not go ahead.

The Serbian government promised it would provide funds so the airline could compensate 700 excess workers to leave the airline. Jat would return the provided credit by next fall however the government has not provided the funds yet. Due to the fact that the funds were not provided, the 700 workers cannot leave until spring 2009 because they first must use their entire 2009 holiday time. Saša Vlaisavljević, Jat’s CEO, released a short statement stating “We are waiting for the government to react. We no longer have time”.


  1. Anonymous02:48

    Da li cete napisiti broj putnika ovog godine za svaki aerodrom bivseg jugoslavije i tako dalje u novoj godini? hvala

  2. Svakako početkom januara iduće godine.


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