UPDATED: Airport results 2008

The aviation industry was hard hit by the global economic crisis in 2008, especially in its last three months which can be seen in the passenger figures. Airports saw fewer passengers in October, November and December compared to last year. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport had the largest passenger volume out of all the airports situated in the EX-YU republics however due to the declining passenger numbers, in the last few months it struggled to make a large increase compared to last year. Its best performing month was May with passenger numbers increasing by 20% compared to 2007 as press and visitors arrived for the Eurovision Song Contest. Ljubljana saw passenger numbers rise in the first 6 months of 2008 as the country took over the presidency of the European Union, and at the end of the year had a positive result. Other airports have seen moderate increases in passenger numbers. Zadar Airport saw the largest increase in passengers due to the arrival of low-cost airlines. Skopje Airport’s strong results in the first half of 2008 managed to withstand sliding passenger numbers since September and therefore deliver a good result as Macedonia's largest airport. Tivat Airport managed to withstand the pressure of no longer being allowed to handle summer charters (rerouted to Podgorica) and was able to see an increase in passengers. A table of major airports and their passenger numbers can be found below. Some airports and government transportation ministries are yet to publish results and once they are available they will published on the EX-YU aviation news blog. Most results have been rounded up to the nearest hundred.

AirportPassengers 2007Passengers 2008Change
Belgrade Nikola Tesla2.513.0002.650.000+5%
Ljubljana Jože Pučnik1.524.0001.700.000+11%