A chance in 2009

Jat’s first passengers to Pula after 17 years of absence
In July, Jat Airways launched flights to the Croatian city of Pula, 17 years after services between the two countries ceased due to the outbreak of the civil war. However in 2009 there are signs that new flights between the two countries could be established as both Croatia and Serbia work on a mutual free sky agreement. Jat was issued a special license last year to operate summer flights from Belgrade to Pula which were immensely popular, particularly from Pula to Belgrade. Jat has been issued this special license for 2009 as well and flights between Belgrade and Pula should resume in July this year. However talks are being held between the Serbian Civil Aviation agency as well as its Croatian counterpart for regular services to recommence. In this case the Serbian carrier would, according to its CEO, restart services from Belgrade to Dubrovnik and Belgrade – Split with this line continuing on to an Italian city. Croatia Airlines would be most interested to commence services from Zagreb to Belgrade using one of the aircraft in its regional fleet.

During the 1970’s and 80’s Zagreb was Jat’s second largest market while the territory of Croatia was one of its largest. From Belgrade Jat operated 17 weekly flights to Dubrovnik (using B727s and DC9s), daily flights to Pula (using DC9s), daily flights to Rijeka (using DC9s), 16 weekly flights to Split (using B727s and DC9s), daily flights to Zadar (using DC9s), 25 weekly flights to Zagreb (using B727s and DC9s – not including flights which continued to other destinations). Destinations that were operated from Belgrade via Zagreb included Amsterdam, East Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Stockholm, London, Lyon, Milan, Munich, Prague, Zurich and New York.

If all goes to plan a new agreement between the two countries should be complete by March 2009.