Sky Srpska to get new look in January

Banja Luka Airport, Sky Srpska's hub
Sky Srpska, the newly established carrier of Republika Srpska, an entity within Bosnia and Herzegovina has recently called on designers to create the company’s logo which will be seen on the carrier’s aircraft. The airline should be launched during 2009, with the help of Srpska’s government and Jat Airways. It will be the entity’s second attempt to create a national airline after the failed Air Srpska which was left without aircraft after Jat Airways requested its ATR72s to be returned to the mainstream fleet in Serbia. Sky Srpska, which will operate on a low cost basis has ordered 2 regional Embraer aircraft. The airline will be based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina‘s second largest city and the capital of the Republika Srpska.
Sky Srpska launched a competition to create a new logo in order to differentiate the company on the market of international air carriers. The selected logo shall be implemented for the “brand book” and therefore it has to be complete and functional.

The competition was open and public. The right to compete was granted to all individuals and companies. Candidates' proposals will rated by a professional jury. The logo that is most unique, functional and applicable will be chosen as the winning design. The jury shall grant awards for the top three proposals. The competition officially began on December 15, 2008 and ended January 15, 2009. The winning design will be displayed to the public on January 29. The jury will have a total of 7 days to select the winning design starting January 15.