Who will succeed in 2009?

Croatia, Jat or Adria in 2009?
Currently 3 airlines from the EX-YU region stand in front of all the other carriers and are competing to become the “regional leader” with the largest number of passengers transported. These three airlines are Croatia Airlines (2008 winner), Serbia’s Jat Airways (second placed) and Adria Airways (closely behind Jat in third position). 2009 will be particularly competitive as most carriers in the world are suffering significant losses, both financially and passenger wise. This is why the January 2009 figures will be extremely significant and a good indication of what 2009 holds for the three carriers.

In 2008 Croatia Airlines transported a record 1.87 million passengers, which is 9% greater than in 2007. The largest increase in passengers was seen on international services where 15% more passengers travelled than in 2007, meaning 1.21 million passengers travel internationally on Croatia Airlines. On domestic services a total 543.000 passengers chose Croatia Airlines, 11% more than in 2007. Croatia Airlines charter flights recorded 116.300 passengers. The cabin occupancy stood at 65.2%, an increase of 0.3% compared to last year. Croatia Airlines is likely to win 2009. The carrier hopes it will reach 2 million passengers this year however there is turbulence ahead. The global financial crisis could see a large decrease in tourist travel. During the summer months Croatia Airlines transports most of its annual passengers and makes the greatest profit. This is why Croatia Airlines is uniting with the Croatian Tourism Organisation so a downturn in visitors is avoided. Croatia Airlines’ most important month will be August and could be a good indication if the carrier will have fewer passengers by the end of December when compared to 2008.

Jat Airways transported a total of 1.36 million passengers in 2008, an increase of 4% compared to last year. However in December 2008 Jat recorded a drop in passenger numbers and could potentially lose its silver medal position in 2009 to Adria Airways. The carrier has started a major campaign to increase passenger numbers in January and February by heavily discounting ticket prices to regional destinations. If the airline stabilises by the start of the summer season in March, Jat could see greater passenger numbers. Significant international events to be held in Serbia this year (including the world’s largest sporting event of 2009) could provide the necessary boost but January figures could be a good indication of what is in store for Jat in 2009.

Slovenia’s Adria Airways saw the greatest increase in passenger numbers in 2008 when compared to 2007. It transported a total of 1.3 million passengers, 16% more than in 2007. Cabin occupancy stood at 66%. Adria saw a large increase in passenger numbers from January to June last year because it took over the presidency of the European Union during this period, which increased business travel. This is why these first 6 months of the year will indicate if Adria can sustain these passenger figures without the EU presidency. Adria’s financial results during 2009 could also have an impact on services during the year which could potentially bring in or turn away passengers.

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