Bad start

Landing at uncertain times
During the first month of 2009, Jat transported 65.001 passenger, 142 tonnes of cargo and 50 tonnes of mail. As airlines become victims of the global financial crisis Jat is no different. Compared to last year Jat’s passenger numbers fell by a hefty 18% while the number of transported cargo also decreased by 22% compared to January 2008. The disappointing January results end Jat’s run of increased passenger numbers over the past 2 years and is an indicator that this year will not be Jat’s at all in terms of passenger transportation. Cabin occupancy also fell by 3 points compared to last year and now stands at 54%. Jat’s management has defended the results saying that this January there were fewer flights than last year which to some extent justifies the fall in passenger numbers. The airline also reported that passenger numbers decreased from its key market – Montenegro. There were 15% fewer flights than in January 2008 however on time performance increased to 64%. Jat’s management blames some late departures due to bad weather conditions and says if these are eliminated the on time performance would stand at 74% (these are flights delayed 15 minutes or more).

Jat’s management however sees a brighter future saying that summer operations will see a significant increase with many new lines beginning operation. The month that could significantly suffer this year compared to last is May while June is expected to see a large increase in passenger numbers.