Belgrade Airport profit triples

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport - Terminal 2
Despite the global financial crisis Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport finished the year on a high. It managed to have slightly higher passenger numbers at the end of the year but more importantly it achieved a 14.3 million Euro net profit last year, up from 4.5 million Euros in 2007. Officials forecast that by the end of 2009 Belgrade Airport will operate with a profit of 16.9 million Euros, which would also be a significant increase in one of the toughest years, economically, since World War Two. The current annual capacity at the airport’s two terminals stands at 5 million with Terminal 1 expected to become the Schengen terminal (inter-EU travel) in the next decade.

Belgrade Airport is still state-owned and it awaits privatisation as the government intends to partly apply a voucher privatisation, under which millions of Serbian citizens would receive, free of charge, a portion of the shares of Nikola Tesla Airport and four other major state-owned enterprises. The move has been repeatedly postponed despite a completed registration of eligible beneficiaries, who would later be able to trade the stocks on the Belgrade stock exchange.


  1. Anonymous16:12

    Ja se pitam kako ce menedzment beogradskog aerodroma da koriste te pare. Je li aerodrom Nikola Tesla jos uvek CAT II? Kad ce da koriste CAT IIIb? Tada da li bi jat mogao da dobije landing rights u americi?

    kako se kaze na nasim jeziku "landing rights?" ;)

  2. AB ima CAT IIIb (prvi put je korišćen 9. januara, 2009).

    Kaže se "prava za sletanje" ili "dozvola". Po tom pitanju nema ništa novo.


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