Ryanair conquers Croatia

Ryanair... soon in Osijek
The world’s largest and most successful low-cost carrier which recently announced it is getting rid of check-in desks and allowing passengers to use mobile phones while onboard has just announced it will commence services from Frankfurt to Osijek, Croatia. The new service which will link the city in Croatia’s East to Frankfurt will commence on May 6 and will operate twice per week. This is the first time Ryanair will operate flights to Osijek. Passengers from Osijek will be able to fly to the German city every Thursday and Sunday. The management at Osijek Airport is hoping that the new service will bring a flood of passengers to the airport. Even though the airport’s management expected that Ryanair will commence services to London instead of Frankfurt, they state they are happy with this decision because the German market currently has greater potential. A 5 year contract between Ryanair and Osijek airport has been signed.

All details regarding this flight can be found on the right hand side in the “new route launches” section. Tomorrow on the blog you can view Montenegro Airlines’ summer schedule.