Suprise Budva office closure

Budva, Montenegro
Serbia’s national carrier Jat Airways has closed its office in Budva, the popular seaside town in Montenegro. Not only is the city a popular summer destination for Serbs but many also have holiday houses there and this office has always been important as it was used often to change holiday plans and tickets. In spite of its profitability Jat’s management has decided to close down the office as a part of the airline’s cost cutting programme. All those employed in the Jat Airways Budva office have lost their jobs. Jat’s representative in Budva, Gojko Ljubanović said that the office closure is a major loss for both Montenegrin tourism and Jat Airways, expressing his disagreement with the offices closure. In Montenegro, Jat still has offices in Podgorica and Tivat.

Since cost cutting measures were introduced last year after the airlines failed privatisation the carrier has closed offices in New York with the office in Toronto scheduled to close during the next month. Jat’s management on Tuesday announced that the airline has saved 10 million Euros since the cost cutting measures were announced.


  1. Anonymous10:00

    Ma najbolje da imaju kancelarije u svakoj selendri.
    Fali ljudima Budva, nisu radili 9 od 12 meseci, ostala tri skraceno pa na plazu. Lagodan zivot, a firma propada.


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