Adria Airways summer 2009
56 weekly flights to Germany

1 new destination this summerUPDATED MARCH 24

This summer Adria Airways is introducing one new destination – Madrid. The new flights to the Spanish capital start March 30 and will operate 3 times per week with the CRJ900 aircraft. This will be the only new destination the Slovenian carrier will be starting up while there will be increases in frequencies to almost all existing services. The most significant increase in frequencies will be seen on the Ljubljana to Frankfurt line and the Ljubljana to Vienna line although 6 flights, JP265, will operate from Ljubljana to Frankfurt via Vienna. This summer there will be a total of 31 weekly flights to Frankfurt, compared to 25 during the winter and 28 weekly flights to Vienna, compared to 21 during the winter. Flights to Warsaw will also be significantly increased from 5 weekly flights to 16.

Within the region Adria will be keeping the same frequencies to Priština with 2 daily flights while flights to Sarajevo will increase from 7 times per week to 12. Flights to Skopje will increase slightly from 7 to 12 weekly flights while flights to Tirana will increase from 7 to 12 weekly flights. The only destination which will see a decrease in frequencies is Munich which will from now on be operated 26 times per week but with a smaller aircraft as well.

Adria Airways will have a difficult task with passengers as some evening flights during the summer will be rerouted and will land in Maribor instead of Ljubljana due to the airport reconstruction in Slovenia’s capital. Special shuttle busses to Ljubljana will be organised for passengers.

Adria will begin seasonal summer services to Barcelona from April.
Flights from Ljubljana:

DestinationFrequency (winter 2008/09)Frequency (summer 2009)Aircraft type (winter 2008/09)Aircraft type (summer 2009)
Brussels1919CRJ200 and CRJ900CRJ200
Barcelona (from April 4)-2-CRJ900
Frankfurt2531 (6 via Vienna)CRJ200 ad CRJ900A320, CRJ200 and B737-500
Istanbul99A320A320 and CRJ900
Madrid (from March 30)-3-CRJ900
Munich2625A320, CRJ200 and CRJ900CRJ200
Priština1414A320A320 and CRJ200
Skopje1113CRJ200 and CRJ900CRJ200 and CRJ900
Vienna2128CRJ200 and CRJ900CRJ200 and CRJ900
Zurich2020CRJ200 and CRJ900CRJ200

* All frequencies above are weekly. The timetable is subject to change and if there are any changes it will be updated.


  1. Anonymous18:03

    What about Barcelona? It will be served twice a week from the beginning of April and according to Adria web page Dublin and Manchester will also be served during summer months.

  2. Anonymous23:04

    I think the blogger said in an earlier article (you probably missed it) that Adria cancelled all of their new summer timeable destinations this year EXCEPT for Madrid. In case you didn't know, they even had plans to fly to Sofia, too. Maybe these destinations will be served in the winter, hopefully...


  3. You are right about the Barcelona flights. I accidently forgot to add them but there will be no other seasonal destination this summer.

  4. Anonymous09:54

    On Adria web page you can buy tickets for Dublin and Manchester as well as for Barcelona. On the other hand there is no seasonal flights to Birmingham.

  5. Anonymous10:31

    According to Amadeus
    Sat 18.20-20.05
    Sat 20.50-00.25+
    Wed 7.00-8.30
    Sat 13.40-15.10
    Wed 9.15-12.35
    Sat 15.55-19.15

  6. Anonymous15:03

    Adria Airways summer timetable:


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