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3 new destinations for B&H
Only months after being purchased by Turkish Airlines, the national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, B&H Airlines, has published its summer schedule which includes 3 new destinations. The 3 destinations are all in Scandinavia where one can find a high concentration of the Bosnian Diaspora. Two of the destinations are in Sweden (Stockholm and Gothenburg) while the other is in Denmark (Copenhagen). Unfortunately these flights, scheduled to begin in May, have still not gained government approval. Once they do tickets will go on sale and flights details will be released. The new service should be operated with a Boeing B737-400, B&H’s first jet engine aircraft. All other services will be operated with the airlines 2 ATR72-200 aircraft.

Two services will be suspended - to Cologne Bonn and to the Macedonian capital Skopje. The service to Cologne was operated twice a week during the winter while Skopje 3 times per week. Both destinations have been dumped due to low profitability. To Cologne B&H lost most of its passengers after the low cost Germanwings began operating this sector (the airline is increasing its frequency to 3 weekly flights from summer 2009). Other services will receive a frequency boost although Istanbul will be unchanged with 6 weekly nonstop services from Sarajevo and one weekly service via Mostar. B&H will also, for the first time, include Tuzla in its services with the city being a stop over from Sarajevo to Frankfurt twice a week.

The schedule below shows the frequencies during this winter and the planned frequencies. Also the table shows the aircraft used during the winter months and which aircraft will be used during the summer.

Flights from Sarajevo:

DestinationFrequency (winter 2008/09)Frequency (summer 2009)Aircraft type (winter 2008/09)Aircraft type (summer 2009)
Frankfurt46 (2 via Tuzla)ATR72ATR72
Istanbul7 (1 via Mostar)7 (1 via Mostar)ATR72ATR72
Zurich4 (2 via Banja Luka)4 (2 via Banja Luka)ATR72ATR72
Stockholm (from May 1)-1-B737-400
Gothenburg (from May 2)-2-B737-400
Copenhagen (from May 4)-2-B737-400

* All frequencies above are weekly. The timetable is subject to change and if there are any changes it will be updated.


  1. Summer Timetable

    SJJ - Vienna (5x Weekly) N/A
    SJJ - Düsseldorf (3x Weekly) ATR72

  2. Currently the schedule does not show any flights to Dusseldorf or Vienna.

  3. check Dusseldorf airport website

  4. Anonymous20:47

    ima li letova u podgoricu ili u beograd?

  5. Dusseldorf Airport displays the flights because BH received slots from them (i.e landing and departure times which airports immediately issue to airlines wishing to fly to the city). However BH has not received a license to fly to Dusseldorf and when and if it gains one it will be added to the reservation system and timetable.

  6. Anonymous20:06

    Is that also the reason why BH Airlines have not presented their Summer schedule on their website yet?

    Because they're still waiting for approval for most (if not all) of their new destinations?

    With Prague and Zagreb and so on, there are a lot of rumours going on..

  7. are you from denmark bo?

  8. Anonymous21:55

    No Haris, Im from Holland, pretty close though ;).

    But Dusseldorf Airport is showing now flights to SJJ from May 2, instead March 31.

    Has government approval been received? Or is this just postponing the flights between March and May for sure?

  9. They still haven’t received approval for the Dusseldorf flights. Once they do it will be published here in a special story. Also by then they should hopefully get approval for those Scandinavian destinations and it seems they will get a license for Belgrade as well.

  10. Anonymous11:05

    Howcome B&H Airlines have published these 'new' destinations on their booking system, as they have not received approval from all of those destinations? When is the first Boeing jet going to be delivered to B&H?

    Also, to the EX-YU Aviation group, what country are you based in? I would just like to thank you on your job, as it is interesting to read your articles!

  11. Anonymous21:30

    booking system however cannot find flights for these destinations yet.

    B&H Airlines now published their timetable online, including Prague, Vienna etc. etc.

    Anyone with more inside info?

  12. We are trying to get in contact with B&H Airlines however have been unsuccessful. Although it is now 100% certain that it won’t commence planned services to Belgrade after all. The other destinations are yet to be confirmed. I think a lot depends weather they will receive its jet engine aircraft.

  13. Anonymous13:38

    Is there a specific reason why they aren't going to fly to Belgrade?

    ..and wouldn't it be nice if they had a 'English' website!

  14. There can be only 2 reasons they would not commence flights to Belgrade. The first one could be that they believe they won’t have enough passengers to make the flight profitable especially since they would compete with Jat while the other is that they might want to use the ATR on another line. These could be the only reasons because they received a license from the Serbian Aviation Directorate to commence flights from late March and even held successful talks with Jat.

  15. Anonymous11:40

    Hvala vam puno za tu informaciju!
    Thanks a lot for that information!

  16. Flights to Prague seem bookable now via the website of B&H Airlines.

    Rest is still unsure, also it is very silent about the new Jet-Aircraft.

    Anyone here with more info on these things?

  17. Hi Bo.

    My uncle work in B&H Airlines and he has given me some information.

    Sarajevo - Prague : From 18 May
    Sarajevo - Vienna : From 04 May
    Sarajevo - Dusseldorf : From 12 May

    And when thay get there B737 thew will also start to fly Sarajevo - Skopje via Podgorica.

    Booking will bi avaibile for the new destinations in about 10-15 day.



  18. Thanks for the information. News regarding the new destinations will be published on the blog in the next few days.

  19. Information from BH Airlines website:

    Vienna currently not bookable.

    Prague,Berlin,Dusseldorf and Scandinavia are bookable.
    Skopje terminates May 1st (Direct Flights.)

    Flights to Dusseldorf will operate with Boeing 737 equipment.

  20. Furthermore, there is a conflict, with Tuesday and Thursday flights for example.

    ATR Flights in the morning to Prague, Istanbul and Zurich, while there are only 2 ATR planes in the fleet..

    Someone missed this during planning, or is the timetable published incorrect?


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