Croatian airports sink

Rijeka Airport control tower on the island of Krk
Passenger results for airports in Croatia in the month of February, 2009 are less than good. Despite the global financial crisis, in January most Croatian airports managed to have small increases in passenger figures, thanks mostly to the country hosting the World Handball Championships. However with no key events in February nearly all major airports reported negative figures with the airport in Rijeka suffering the most.

Croatia’s largest airport, Zagreb, reported a 5.6% slump in passenger figures when compared to February 2008. The airport had a total of 122.168 passengers this February. It is interesting to note that this year Zagreb’s airport has 18.349 passengers less than its main competitor Belgrade in the first 2 months. For a second month in a row Dubrovnik continues to see bad results with passenger figures falling by 23.8% (from 19.183 last February to 14.620 this year). Rijeka sees a large 86.8% fall in passenger numbers, from 664 passengers last February to only 88 passengers this February. Zadar has also had a small decrease in passengers although it is less than 1%.

The only airport that can be happy with its result in February is Pula. The airport saw 11.6% passengers more than in February 2008. Osijek also saw a 6% passenger growth rate while Split just managed to stay in positive territory with less than a 1% growth.