EX-YU airlines are late

No need to hurry - your flight has been delayed
Statistics regarding airline punctuality (on time departure, arrival and flight regularity) have been published for 32 European airlines among which are the 3 leading carriers from the former Yugoslavia – Croatia Airlines, Jat Airways and Adria Airways. All three airlines have nothing to be proud of being in the bottom half for most of the categories. When it comes to on time departures (these are flights which arrive on time or within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time) Croatia Airlines is the worst offender with only 66.1% of its flights arriving on time. This means Croatia Airlines is ranked 29th out of 32 companies. Jat and Adria performed better than its Croatian counterpart with Jat having 71.5% of its flights on time (ranked 23rd) and Adria with 70% of its flights running on time (or a rank of 24). Interestingly SAS Scandinavian Airlines has most of its flights landing on time and is ranked number 1.

When it comes to on time departures the 3 EX-YU carrier line up one after the other. Adria ranks 24th (with 74.4% of flights on time), Jat Airways 25th (with 74.3% of flights on time) and Croatia Airlines (26th with 71.2% of flights on time). TAROM Romanian Airlines is the best performer when it comes to on time departures, coming in at first position.

Regularity measures the percentage of planned flights which are actually operated. A flight may be cancelled due to bad weather, for technical reasons or other operational constraints. Any change in schedule up to 3 days before the planned day of operation is taken into consideration. Here, Adria Airways is an example to other carriers with 99.8% regular flights (ranked 4th). Jat Airways and Croatia Airlines are a distant 22nd (98.2%) and 25th (97.2%) respectively. Once again Romania’s TAROM comes in front when it comes to regularity with a spotless 100% record in 2008.

All of the data provided is for the months of January to December 2008.