Fleet renewal from 2010

Soon in Jat's fleet? The Embraer 175
The CEO of Serbia’s national, Jat Airways, carrier has announced that the airline will begin its fleet renewal, the first time in 20 years, in the first quarter of 2010. Through leasing Jat would acquire new aircraft or aircraft up to 5 years old. The priority will be to purchase aircraft with a capacity of 70 to 90 seats with Jat favouring Bombardier and Embraer plane makers. According to the CEO, Jat would commence talks with the plane makers during the summer and the new aircraft would be entirely financed by Jat while the Serbian government will only need to give its approval for the purchase.

Currently, Jat owns 12 aircraft while another 4 are being leased (2 Boeing B737s and 2 ATR72s). The first aircraft to be retired out of the fleet will be the turboprop ATR72-200s (purchased in the late 1980s). They will be replaced by the quieter and more contemporary ATR72-500 series aircraft. Meanwhile in its Boeing fleet Jat will purchase 1 to 3 Boeing B737-700 aircraft. After the fleet modernisation is finalised Jat’s current B737-300 aircraft will be based in the Republic of Guinea where Jat would become the national carrier, based in the capital Conakry. The money Jat recently received by the government will be used for the revival of the current fleet.

Three phases of Jat’s fleet renewal:
1. Purchase of Embraer or Bombardier aircraft (70 to 90 seats)
2. Retirement of ATR72-200 aircraft, to be replaced with ATR72-500 model
3. Purchase of 1 to 3 Boeing B737-700 aircraft


  1. Jat Airways used to have press releases where a lot of changes were promised like a new aircraft.

    I think that the most important issue for Jat Airways would be the liquidity position of the company and the increase of it's service value and image.

    I really hope all these plans will be carried out becuase this is what Jat Airways need to keep running the competition.


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