Jat Internet sales climb

Internet sale boost for Jat
Despite the national carrier of Serbia reporting a significant decrease in passenger numbers this year, its Internet sales are on the rise a year after they were introduced. The airline sold its first ticket via the Internet on March 22, 2008 after significantly improving its web presentation. The Jat website has been further modernised since last year making it friendlier for passengers wishing to purchase their tickets via the web. The reservation of tickets on the Jat website began in 2006 however they could be purchased only from last year. Jat’s website is now where the airline sells most of its tickets. The airline is ranked number one in Serbia when it comes to Internet sales and is the leading airline in the region in terms of ticket sales via the Internet. Aleksandar Trlaća who leads Jat’s E-Commerce division says that the carrier will soon introduce even more possibilities for its passengers via jat.com. Passengers can now book and purchase tickets, hotel room and rent-a-cars. Jat.com will soon introduce the Amadeus Ticket Changer and Amadeus Ticket Shopper which should further make it easier for passengers to book tickets and change their flights. Furthermore members of Jat’s new frequent flyer programme “Flying Dots” will soon be issued with a plastic card (similar to credit cards) which will allow them to enter in their card numbers and check how many points they have and whether they can use it to purchase a ticket.