Jat prepares for Abu Dhabi flights

Preparations for summer underway at Jat
Jat is preparing for the start of its newest longest service – Abu Dhabi. Flights to the capital of the United Arab Emirates are scheduled to commence on May 5, 2009. Although flights were first listed to commence on March 31, the airline says that they were accidently listed as starting so early. The airline states that seats are already being sold for the new service. Due to its duration, the flight to Abu Dhabi will have some special amenities not offered on other Jat flights. All passengers will receive a blanket and pillow while a total of 2 meals will be served on board (one hot and one cold) – dinner and breakfast from Belgrade and breakfast and lunch from Abu Dhabi to Belgrade. The flights will be operated using the Boeing B737-300 and passengers will disembark from Abu Dhabi’s terminal 2.

Meanwhile Jat has announced that it will be changing its in-flight announcements for the first time since 2002. The new announcements by the cabin crew will be used from March 29 when the new cabin crew handbook is distributed. From late March Jat will introduce new pursers (head of the flight crew) which have been undergoing training since September last year.

This summer Jat will also commence services to Pula, Ohrid, Gothenburg, Malta and Tripoli.


  1. Anonymous15:19

    servis zvuci super, ali kad ce jat da prodaje karte preko interneta na njihovom vebsajtu? hvala


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