Last day to leave Jat

Jat employees leaving
Today is the last day for employees working in the Serbian national carrier, Jat, to leave the airline in order to get a 300 Euro incentive for every year that they have worked in the airline. This is part of the airline’s cost reduction scheme which will see over 600 employees leave Jat Airways by May. Jat Airways CEO, Saša Vlaisavljević stated, "This is a one-off offer. Workers who miss the March 04 deadline will be declared redundant and granted less favourable (financial) terms". He continued stating that the number of people employed in Jat will be reduced from the current 1.697 to 1.200. By Monday only 250 employees took up the offer to leave the carrier with the added 300 Euro bonus for every year they worked in the airline. Vlaisavljević stated that the total number of employees will be reduced to 850 by the fourth quarter of 2009 although there is a big question mark weather Vlaisavljević will be Jat’s CEO by that time, as press start speculating who he will be replaced by. The airline’s CEO did appeal for pilots not to leave the airline as that is one of the only sectors in Jat where there are no access employees.


  1. Anonymous23:43

    Ima li neki vazni razlog sto su jatovi letovi u Tel Aviv postali nedirektni letovi nego nonstop? Bili su nonstop preko zime ali uskoro letovi ce biti preko Larnarke. Je li odgovor ovog problema novi avioni sa lizinga kao i sto su piseli na ekonomskom planu jat airwaysa vlade srbije?


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