Lufthansa to Split

Soon in Split
Lufthansa, the national carrier of Germany and the largest national carrier in Europe will be commencing services to the Croatian city of Split, located in the South of the country. This will be the first time Lufthansa has flown to the coastal city. Lufthansa will commence the new service from Munich on March 29. Flights will operate twice per week. The reason Lufthansa will commence flights to Split is because of its immense popularity amongst German tourists. During the tourist season last year, over 9.000 German tourists visited the area.

More flight details regarding the new service can be found in the “new route launches” section on the right hand side.


  1. Anonymous11:04

    is this a completely new route, or does another airline (eg OU) already fly the route?

    if so, what frequency are flights already at?

  2. This is a completely new route. However Lufthansa will have some competition this summer from Croatia Airlines when it starts the same route OU4438 as summer charters 3 times per week.


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