MAT Macedonian Airlines summer 2009
Someone mention Ohrid?

MAT hoping for no empty seats this summer
MAT Macedonian Airlines is going through a difficult period as are many airlines in the world. Starting March 29, MAT will increase the frequencies to all its services however it will not commence any new lines. Instead it has forgotten about its second home – Ohrid. Due to low profitability of flights from the seaside town MAT will not be operating any scheduled services from Ohrid this summer. The airline plans to operate its summer schedule with 2 aircraft, a Boeing B737-500 and a CRJ900. However, recently MAT announced that its CRJ aircraft will be stored in Ljubljana at least until June putting a question mark on how flights will be operated. Nevertheless the preliminary MAT summer schedule displays the CRJ900 as in service during the summer.

The schedule below shows the frequencies during this winter and the planned frequencies. Also the table shows the aircraft used during the winter months and which aircraft will be used during the summer. Note that the frequencies during the winter are the latest updated frequencies (MAT has cut frequencies on many lines since the start of the winter season until now). Similarly the aircraft type displayed shows the latest data available which aircraft operate these flights.

MAT’s flight ban to Germany and Greece are ongoing.

Flights from Skopje:

DestinationFrequency (winter 2008/09)Frequency (summer 2009)Aircraft type (winter 2008/09)Aircraft type (summer 2009)
Istanbul34B737-500B737-500 and CRJ900

* All frequencies above are weekly. The timetable is subject to change and if there are any changes it will be updated.


  1. Anonymous17:12

    HAS ANY LOW COST AIRLINE THOUGHT ABOUT OHRID AIRPORT AS A TOURIST DESTINATION, I THINK WITH A GOOD MARKETING IN THE UK, AND OTHER COUNTRIES IT COULD BE SUCCESS! Ohrid is just beautiful if the first round of the tourist break in there it could start another era for Ohrid and Macedonia! It is just a thought! Thanks


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