Vlaisavljević steps down

Saša Vlaisavljević
After a year and a half as the CEO of Serbia’s national carrier, Jat Airways. Saša Vlaisavljević will be leaving and will no longer be the airline’s CEO starting Monday, March 23. Vlaisavljević became the airline’s top man on October 31, 2007 while his resignation was long awaited. It was speculated he would leave the airline in January this year after being offered a job as the manager of the City of Belgrade. However, the government requested for him to wait until the restructuring processes at Jat started following the unsuccessful privatisation process last year. Vlaisavljević becomes the manager of the city tomorrow. He has worked in Jat since 1995. As the airline’s CEO he processed many unpopular decisions including cost cutting, closure of international offices, route cuts and staff cuts.

It is unknown who will now take over Jat although it was at one time widely speculated in the media that it would be Draško Vujović, Jat’s CEO since 2001 until 2004. The government could name the new CEO by Thursday the 26th of March.


  1. Anonymous15:11

    srb/cg/bih/hr:jel drasko vujovic ono koji je krenuo letove za Dubai u 2002?

    en/uk:is Drasko Vujovic the person who started flights to Dubai in 2002?

    ne znam koji jezik da koristim ovde :)


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