MAT drama continues

MAT going to court
It is no secret that MAT has had more than bad luck in the past few months. It has been banned from flying to 3 countries, Skopje Airport is threatening to sue the airline, it has stored one of its most modern aircraft and it is in debt. The national airline of Macedonia blames all of these factors on Zoran Krstevski, the director of the Macedonian Civil Aviation Agency. The company informed that the reason it will sue Krstevski is because he has stated many lies to the media regarding the multi million Euro debt, which has caused damage to the company with passenger numbers dropping. MAT’s report states that, Krstevski has been driven to destroy MAT due to personal reasons and hidden motives. The MAT statement continues by saying that Macedonia is the only country in the world in where civil aviation authorities are against their own air carrier. The Civil Aviation Agency responded that they believe that MAT wants to pressure them into reducing the safety conditions for flights.

Meanwhile no new information has been announced regarding the potential Jat Airways takeover of MAT. Although both airlines stated that they would provide information to the public during last week, they have stayed quiet. MAT says that another 2 airlines are also interested in the takeover. Rumours state that one of the other carriers interested is also from the former Yugoslavia while the other is Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airline recently took over B&H Airlines while a Turkish company has been chosen to manage Skopje and Ohrid airports.