New destination and new fleet

Adria Airways cabin crew, now in Madrid
This April, Adria Airways began operating a new scheduled service between Ljubljana and Madrid. This new service aims to serve both business travellers and Slovenian tourists, among whom interest in visiting Spain is growing. Tourists from Spain are also expected. Adria's 86-seat Canadair Regional Jet CRJ900 aircraft will fly between Ljubljana and Madrid twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Special offer tickets are available from 162 Euros until April 20. From the inauguration until July 31, 2009 passengers on the new Ljubljana–Madrid–Ljubljana route will receive double points from the Adria Corporate Card programme. “Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Slovenian holidaymakers, while interest in Slovenia is also growing among Spanish tourists”, Tomaž Kostanjšek, Adria's director of sales and marketing said.

Meanwhile Adria Airways has signed a letter of intent to purchase a new Airbus A319, valued at around 45 million American dollars, the company wrote in a press release yesterday. More news regarding the deal will be published on the blog in the following days.


  1. frequentflyer04:08

    One can only assume that the new A319 will be replacing an existing plane in the fleet (most likely an A320 - Wikipedia also verifies that the A320s are being phased out), as the airline has taken on more (though smaller) jet aircraft due to their operations.

    Which airlines in the exYU already operate this aircraft, or could alternatively take it on as an addition to their fleet?

    - Croatia Airlines already operates 4 320s, would another large aircraft help their operations given the sudden influx of smaller craft in the last 12 months? Or help them expand more destinations?
    - JAT is about to go through a fleet renewal (though operates an Airbus-less fleet) and a 320 would possibly end up their largest plane, good for medium-haul destinations with high yield
    - BH Airlines and Montenegro Air are both experiencing growth
    - MAT... (should I say more?)
    - A national airline established for Kosovo (a touchy subject I know)?

    How much does a used 320 go for, and more importantly (like buying a used car), what condition is it/they in with the current owner?

  2. To my knowledge Croatia Airlines already operates 4 A319s and has ordered a further 4. Jat has 8 Airbus A319/A320 combination on order for the last 10 years although this will never see the light of day so it will probably stick to Boeing and choose between Bombardier and Embraer next year. B&H Airlines would benefit from one larger aircraft. As for Kosovo their 3 attempts to form a national carrier have all failed (Kosova Air, Air Kosovo and Air Prishtina). All those airlines operated with large jet engine aircrafts. It is most possible that Albanian Belle Air will develop a base in Priština with its regional fleet.


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